Empowered, Productive, and Happy society capable of leading the future


We look forward to Syria becoming a nation of capable citizens where..

Syrians are able to effectively make their own opinions without dictation or oppression

Syrians are prosperous and strong within their own communities free of need

Human rights are valued, the most vulnerable live in security and confidence, and become responsible citizens for the betterment of their nation

Justice and peace prevail equally and all have the same opportunities and the right to contribute

Where Syrians can happily flourish in a global society and are well-rounded individuals utilizing their skills to help other citizens in need around the world


Syrian Humanitarian Institute for National Empowerment (SHINE) is an international partnership of educated and experienced individuals whose mission is to lead change through empowerment of capabilities, fulfillment of needs, and pursuit of prosperity and happiness for all Syrians

We pursue this mission through integrated and comprehensive commitment to

Transformational advancement that is community based and self-sustainable focusing on building capacity and enhancing skills of people in Syria

Reinforcement of justice that seeks to change unjust structures through the power of economic independence with those who have been deprived of growth and prosperity opportunities

Partnerships with technocratic organizations, individuals from all over the world to create, supervise and follow up on execution of projects to ensure self-sufficiency

Emergency Relief to people impacted by the Syrian conflict

Public Awareness that leads to well-informed knowledge of the root cause for the Syrian conflict, giving donations, and humanitarian involvement



We are educated, experienced and specialized individuals whose mission in life is to provide solutions to many challenges Syrians face today through educational and economic empowerment. We aim to help the underprivileged men, women and youth reach their full potential through empowerment of their knowledge and employment of their skills in the most appropriate self-sustainable opportunities


We are witness to the countless capabilities Syrians possess and value their perseverance to achieve improvements. We serve all Syrians regardless of affiliation, religion, gender, or current location


We are guardians driven by obligation, loyalty and aspiration for a better world. We believe in resources donated to the poor as a trust from God therefore we are faithful to the purposes of those resources and we mange them in a manner that brings greatest advantage to the needy


Since 2011, we have created projects that enabled many Syrians in distress to cope with their desperate conditions through needs surveys specifically directed to families still living inside Syria. We have therefore accurately the most needed supplies and forms of assistance. We have given insightful and applicable advice to international, regional and local donors, which resulted in effective means of support


We believe in the power and efficiencies of joint forces and teamwork. We accept the obligations of partnerships, shared accountability and goals. We collaborate with the needy and the donors in a shared unity. We seek and maintain a co-operative position and a spirit of openness and are willing to consider honest opinions about our work


We acknowledge our values to be a way of life of which cannot be legislated. We recognize that no document can substitute for the decisions and actions that make up the fabric of our daily work. Therefore, we pledge to each other, to our beneficiaries and donors, before God, to do our utmost individually and as an organization and entities within the Syrian Humanitarian Institute for National Empowerment to uphold our Core Values, to honor them in all decisions, to express them in our communications and to consistently act within them wherever SHINE is at work