A Visit to Special Needs Children Center


Mahasen, a smart student who seeks knowledge at SIPS so she can build her competency to serve her wounded homeland. Mahasen came up with the idea to visit a Special Needs Children Center and we wanted to motivate and encourage her through being the lighthouse of education and the financial support tool that will empower her to always be creative. 

We asked Mahasen to put her idea into a full-fledged project within the academic boundaries she is currently learning in her Project Management Course at SIPS. She gave the project plan to her teacher who in turn helped her with a few points and presented the project to the management of the Institute. 
We all went with Mahasen and we are all amazed by the new door of happiness she opened for us. 
Watch how a dream turned into a idea and how because of Mahasen SHINE is now going to open its own Special Needs Children Center very soon



SHINE has visited one of the special Needs Children Centers inside Syria.

We have met more than 50 incredible children, boys and girls.

We shared the children their joy and held a party included many entertainment and educational activities and contests.

At the end the children had desserts and gifts ending their day with innocent laughs and smiles.

we serve them Because they deserve a better future and an equal opportunity to learn and prosper 
Be with them Be with SHINE


Special kids (9)
Special kids (8)
Special kids (7)
Special kids (5)